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I need RC51 pics for magazine article can you help?

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I am writing a magazine article for a major USA motorcycle magazine on the RC-51. As part of the article I need some photos (high res digital) of some actual streetbikes. So if you have a cool RC and want it in a mag please send me an email with the pics.

I just need to know the mods you have, your first and last name, city and state, and maybe a few lines about what you really like about the bike, why you bought it, kept it etc.

Please email them to me at

[email protected]

Also if you are a mechanic or have raced the RC at any level I would like to interview you. So please send me your phone, email info, and briefly tell me where you raced, how long or where you were a mechanic at etc. I need to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the RC for the story.

Thanks !!

Don Smith
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can i get a plug for my carbon bizz too?

i have a ton of pics but not too many ull shots
If you have some cool parts and pics of them on a bike it is possible that I could mention them or show photos. If the parts are popular among riders and widely used, or if they address some weakness of the stock bike that really ups your chances of getting something in the mag.


[email protected]
As of today I have not received ANY high res photos that I can use for the article. So if you have 2-3 shots of your bike please email them to me at the address below. But they MUST be high res. 1200x800 is nowhere near big enough for me to print in a magazine.



[email protected]
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