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Ok I'm in need of some help here.

1999-2001 RC's had the short swingarm correct???

2002-2007 all had the aluminum swingarm with the cut out for the exhaust.

Now comes the interesting part.

I thought all '04's had the white nose, tail, silver frame and had the Hayden signature on the tank correct? I do know some of the overseas model were still white but did not have the signature on them.

I just saw one posted as an "04 had the silver frame but had the '03 body work. I am figuring it has been wrecked and '02/3 items put on it.

Correct me if I'm wrong please.


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The SP1s, made from '00 to '01 had the shorter swingarm of the two variants.
The US SP1s and '02 SP2 have the same graphics.
The SP2, made from '02 to '06, has the 16mm longer and slightly lighter swingarm.

The '03 US SP2 had slightly different graphics than the US SP1s and '02 SP2.
Where before the font cowl had a wider blacked out area, the '03's area formed a V that followed the windscreen, plus the rear cowl was black with silver accents that was the opposite of the prior models silver with black accents.
Also the hawk feathers, tank graphics, and lettering subtly differ in size than the earlier models.

The '04 US SP2 (Nicky Hayden replica) has the bare aluminum frame, plus the front cowl has the area similar to the SP1s but in white. It also has the silver rear cowl but also with white accents, plus additional graphics to simulate the race bike. The '04 Hayden Replica was strictly a N. American model.

The '05 and '06 US models are black with graphite accents and red lettering.

The non-US model SP1s are red with black accents on the rear cowl.
The non-US SP2s are either white/red/black ('02-'03), black/red/silver (2004), and black/graphite (2005-2006) in color motif.
Except for the '05-'06 models, they all had bare aluminum frames.
(our overseas members will correct me if I'm wrong).

There are some minor engine variations as well.
Some engines never came with a PAIR system and the cam covers only have a cast area where the PAIR valve may have gone, but is not machined.

Also the wiring harnesses vary from US to Euro to worldwide models.
Non-US models have the eyebrow lights above the headlights for parking, whereas US models do not.
US headlight shells show the molded ares where the eyebrow lights would go, but do not contain the receptacles.

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That picture of the wing differences on the tank was interesting. Never knew that before.
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