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I got the Intuitive Race Frame Sliders EFS-41 ..does anyone have these Frame Sliders installed .. I think the Instructions are a bit Confusing :confused:

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What part of the instructions are confusing???


1. In order to get access to the left side engine mount pinch bolt, you will need to move the oil cooler. Loosen the oil cooler mounts and move cooler out of the way. Do not remove oil lines.

2. Loosen pinch bolt on the left side engine mount bolt.

3. Remove the right-side engine mount nut (17 mm head). Use a 10 mm allen head socket on the left side of the engine mount to stop the bolt from spinning. More than likely, this will take 2 people. Save the nut and washer for reuse.

4. Remove the through bolt out the left side. “Unscrew” the through bolt while pushing from the right. Be careful of the spacer that is on the through bolt. Save this spacer for reuse.

5. Assemble left side of slider. Slide stud through left side plastic (the plastic that is flush on the back side.) Slide adapter onto stud so that flush side of slider matches large end of adapter. Note: o-ring should be on the adapter.

6. From the left side of the bike slide stud through frame replacing factory spacer. Be especially careful to fit adapter into frame.

7. Place right side plastic on stud.

8. Re-install factory washer and bolt. Tighten to factory specifications – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

9. Tighten pinch bolt on left side.

10. Replace oil cooler and re-install oil cooler mounts.

Refer to fairing modification section below.
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