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Hi i am looking into buying a2001 rc51 but before i do i would like to find out if the are any problems with the bike. any motor issues. i`ve read the fuel injection is a little off and some models the gas tanks leak. are there any other know problems. i just wanna make sure i;m buying a bike to ride, not a bike to sit in the shop. thanks for any help!

P.S. I love the sound of this bike!

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Well since they quit making them in 2006, the newest is 4 years old and the oldest is 10.
Given that, if the bike has a history of the owner taking good care of his bike, then I'd feel safe in buying it.
If the history or service is ambiguous, then it's a crap shoot.
They are tough bikes, but anything can be abused to death.

Some '00 & '01 bikes had a faulty seam weld on the fuel tanks that caused leaks.
Also the '02 and up bikes have 12 hole injectors vs. 4 hole injectors on the older bikes to smooth out fuel delivery at lower RPMs.
But that's only a problem if creeping along, which these bikes don't like to do anyways.

Probably the most common problem is electrical, not because these bike have bad electrics (they don't), it's just time and weather cause corrosion on contacts.
By checking all the electrical contacts and coating them in dielectric grease, the instance of electrical problems diminish.
Also the vibration can loosen the battery cables at the battery posts, or the ground connector on the right side, which can cause sporadic fuel injection issues.
And occaisionally then fuel pressure regulator can fail and cause flooding.

Sounds bad, but these are no different than any other machine out there that have miles on them.
The engines are very well built and should run a very long time.
Just keep the valves adjusted, the oil changed, and all the other periodic maintenance tasks, and it'll last who knows how long.
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