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Jardine 2-into-1 electro-polished headers - SOLD

Update - 09/07/2016 - This exhaust is SOLD.

History - I acquired 2 of these Jardine full system exhausts for my recent RC51 build. This particular system was a first generation Jardine 2-into-1 full exhaust system. The mid-pipe had a small hole where the mid-pipe's mount bracket was previously welded. This was a very common thing for these first generation Jardine 2-1 exhaust systems. To correct the problem, Jardine produced a second generation exhaust that had reinforced stainless steel welded to the location of the mid-pipe mount bracket. I contacted SuperTrapp, who now owns Jardine, and they sent me the schematics/blueprints of the second generation mid-pipe modification. I took these drawings to a metal fabrication shop and they performed the repair/modification by welding a thicker plate over the hole in the mid-pipe, which is where the mount bracket will need to be welded. I didn't have the bracket welded on because every bike is just a bit different, and this gives the owner the option to place the mount bracket in the best location for their bike. The mid-pipe mount bracket has been electropolished as well, and you can still weld the mount bracket to the exhaust.

After the repair, I had both systems chemically cleaned and electropolished to a high shine by a local metal plating company here in Winston Salem, NC. However, there was originally some slight corrosion when I originally purchased both of these Jardine full systems, and you can see some slight pitting in the polished metal. However, it is not very significant and this exhaust system looks simply amazing! This system can be fitted with any exhaust canister you like, as long as it has the standard 2-1/4" canister inlet diameter. I have included a picture of the full system with a Yoshimura R-77D canister mounted on my current RC51 build. I have also included pics of what the pipe looked like before I repaired and refinished it. All openings in each pipe are literally perfect, without bends, dents, or scratches, and will fit together perfectly. I would say the condition of this exhaust system is a 9/10. $750 obo.

I am not sure if this will fit the SP1 or not... Please do the research before buying. I can only guarantee this item with fit the SP2 model of the RC51. The Jardine part number is "18 1615"

This sale includes the headers, mid-pipe, exhaust springs, and mid-pipe mount bracket only.
There is no exhaust canister included with this sale. PM me if you're interested. I have a lot of spare OEM and aftermarket parts for the RC51, so PM me if you need something.




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