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Time now for the June BOTM contest!

1) PM me with the best photo of your bike.
2) Entries will be received for the 1st two weeks, and voting will commence on the 3rd week of the month.
3) At the end of the 3rd week, the Bike Of The Month (BOTM) winner will be announced.
4) The BOTM winner will not be allowed to compete in further BOTM contests for the remainder of the year.
5) Those that did not win will be allowed to compete next month.
Everybody is proud of their bike and should have the opportunity to showcase their hard work.
6) When the December BOTM winner is anounced, the Bike Of The Year (BOTY) voting will begin with the final week, and the BOTY winner will be announced.

Note: Each poll can only have 10 entries max, so if I receive a huge quantity of entries, I will spread these across separate polls and consider these semi-finalists.
Then based on the number of votes, the top finishers will be entered into the final poll of 10. So it may extend a bit past the 3rd week possibly.
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