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just bought my first rc51

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hello i am new to the rc i rode zx7r for years and just sold it to one of my employees now i picked up a 03 w/800 miles on the clock showroom condition a few mods done only problem it still has the factory front blinkers on it any one here have ideas of good front blinkers to put on this thing want something with a clean flush look. i want to get this bad larry on the road and see what this bike is all about:eek:
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Gregg's Customs or Proton are nice front signals.
Not cheap, but they fit properly.

No aftermarket signals (to my knowledge) come with OEM style connectors.
So you will have to use your stock connectors and wires from your existing signals and use butt splices to join the new signal wires.

I say this as the previous idiot I bought my bike from took the cheap route and spliced his cheap signals into the wiring harness.
Not only could I not remove my upper cowl, the wiring harnesses were so butchered, I had to replace them. That was over $400 I could've spent elsewhere.

Please do it the right way. You won't regret it later.

And welcome to the group!! :)
thanks for the advice will check out those bulbs and as for wiring pretty damn good at it been installer for 15 yrs. i hate when people hack up wiring if you dont know what your doing leave it to pros. its raining like hell here dying to ride this thing:mad:
welcome to the world of RC 51's I got mine a few months back and have only been home like 2 months since i got it lo. Im dieing to get home and ride the rubber off it. I cant really compare these bikes to anything other than what i have owned before a cbr f4 600 and cbr f3 600 and yamaha maxim 750 ( i know what was i thinking) but i can tell you this. the torque is scary. rides like nothing else i have ever been on. I love it. Not o mention the sound is by far the best out there. Enjoy man . I know I am .
Welcome to the forum and congrats on RC; it is a sweet bike. :)

I have been looking at what flush signals I want on my bike and after looking at them all I like the Watsen MicroAlloy style a lot.
You can get an adaptor that will let them work as running lights and turn signals.

Also a cool mod is the eybrow turn signal.
Google RC51 Eyebrow
Im so gonna add those eyesbrow lights . thanks for the link.
No Problem.
Google RC51 eyebrow to find a bunch of links, but Scotts motorcycle Service sells a kit for $40.

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