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KAOKO - Throttle Lock - Throttle Hold - Cruise Control

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Anyone have info on BAR END throttle locks?? I have looked through other discussions but they are all really old and everyone said "Throttlemeister", except they are out of business. I found Kaoko that makes them for many bikes, but don't have our bikes in their "compatible" options. Does anyone know if our bar ends/handlebars are the same as any other Honda's? I have emailed Kaoko as well, but have a feeling I might get an answer from the forum before they respond.

I have used the NEP from cycle gear on my TL1000r for years and really liked it, but looking for something a little more sleek and stylish for my "always wanted bucket list bike" and "new to me" RC51...

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I used a KAOKO on my KTM Adventure and didn't like it. On a straight, flat section of slab it's fine. As soon as you start hitting some elevation changes it becomes worthless. They sell two different sizes for 7/8ths and 1-1/4 inch bars. I don't know what the inside diameter of the Honda clip-ons are so you'd have to measure to judge if they would fit.

I use the crampbuster for both my bikes now. It lets you loosen up your grip and still maintain throttle control. I only use this for highway rides and it comes off once I reach the twisties.
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