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And the reward for those who waited....pictures!

As the saying goes, the pictures dont do this justice - night and day difference. That being said, what a total pain in the ass this process was. Not sure if i'm just grumpy because it was about 100deg and humid here today or if it really did suck that much, but whatever, it's done.

Things I learned and things you should know if you take this on:
  • Have some spare sharp drill bits on hand. If you have a sharpener, even better. The titanium or whatever the endcaps are made of eat drill bits for lunch.
  • Use a small pilot bit and then use a step bit to open the holes.
  • There are no instructions at all.
  • End caps are tight and you have to persuade them off. Have a good rubber mallet
  • Ceramic fiber is dense. Like week old been sat on cotten candy. I got the 1" but I would recommend the 1/2". The oval shape of the cans makes it hard to fit two layers of 1" in, but one layer isnt enough. I had to peel the stuff in half the long way to create half inch mat and fill some other areas to pack out the cans.
  • Ive read you can use tape or stainless race wire to hold the mat in place. I dont like the tape idea and i didnt have any appropriate wire so I used 30lb fishing line.
  • The rivets they send suck ass. They are a weird cup type with no open bottom and you put them in blind with no backing washer. What makes them suck is the fact that the nail is loose and doesnt grip the rivet. This prevents the rivet gun from appropriately "choking up" on the nail and made them a real bugger to snap off.
  • The stainless bands come with no holes in them and when you put the new CF over the end caps you cant see the old holes. So, you have to drill your own.
  • The bands are stiff and impossible to hold tight by hand. Theyll never be as good as factory, but you can make them look the part.
  • If I were to do it again, I would probably buy the actual Akra packing kits
  • If I were to do it again, I probably wouldnt do it again.

Now for pictures.

The before:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Crankset Bicycle

The carnage inside:

Wood Cylinder Rectangle Auto part Metal

Wood Art Hardwood Metal Artifact

Wood Auto part Cylinder Metal Art

First layer of ceramic fiber:

Wood Gas Brick Composite material Concrete

A little more for good measure:

Gas Composite material Wood Concrete Brick

Dont forget to pack the ends:

Wood Tissue paper Plastic Toy Paper towel

One of these things is not like the other:

Automotive tire Tin Cylinder Automotive wheel system Automotive exhaust

The final result - I think I paid $375 for stickers

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire


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