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leakage !

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whats up guys had a quick question. I started the rc today as it was a warm 53 degrees in maine and i llet the bike idle a while and revd it a few times.Problem is i started to see steam or smoke from the left side under the fairing! I pulled the fairing off to see what was up and it looked like a slight leak from the radiator! like just a drop on the padding/onto the exaust! i let the bike run a little bit more with the farring off and it stoped. the bike hasnt been run really at all the guy i bought it off rode 200 miles last year and its been sitting. I guess my question is how mush is a radiator to replace and where do i get it or do you think that the hoses just need to have some fluid run through them couse it seems to have stopped! im just worried any answers would be great guys thanks !
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lol, I ran into the same prob man. I thought I was needing a rad also.
Find ALL the hose clamps for the cooling system and re tighten them. After I did that all leaks where fixed! Take off the side plastic and tilt up the fuel tank and remove the air box. (makes it easier to get the the coolant hoses.) Just troque them down snug. (like the side plastic bolts)
Hope that helps you.
The left radiator hose clamp is known for this.
And with age the rubber can lose a bit of elasticity and the clamp can loosen.
Just go through and tighten down all the hose clamps.
Worked for me when I had the cooling system apart.
thanks guys ill try the hoses this weekend and let you know how it goes! i thought that might be the case but you know how it is your bike leaks fluid and you freak out ! thanks for all the help i appreciate it ! :)
Do constant pressure clamps work better than worm gear clamps?
I've never tried them, but hypothetically they should work better as they're able to compensate for expansion and contraction of the material they're clamping.
Whenever I have the side cowlings off, I just usually inspect these things and tweak them if needed.
The rubber gets old and hard due to heat and age and this is to be expected.
I've never really liked the worm-gear clamps as I think they're not the best design.
I kinda like the ones with the bolt and nut myself.
They seem stronger and better made. But that's just me. :cool:
well i tightened all the clamps and one on the left had a bit of fluid on it so i made shure that one was tight ! it seems to have stopped the leak!:D thanks for the info guys!
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