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OEM Left side fairing for 2000 2001 Honda RC51. Some very light scratches on surface, should polish fine. top edges had a scrape, touch up black paint should hide it fine. Black decal can be painted or taped with electrical tape as in pic for temporary cover. I didn't have black paint for the decal. All tabs/holes mountable, present. No cracks on fairing body, except 1 tab has a partial crack, but should still mount with no problems. It is on the very top, crack is half way on one side of the hole, mounting hole is still strong. Just epoxy to reinforce if desired. $50.00 Plus shipping. USA Express +$75 (Package is so large, no Priority offered, will be too expensive with DIM shipping) Overnight 2 day = $125.00 total, or +$40 cheapest shipping,parcel post = 40 + 50 = $90.00 total for parcel post, but it will take avg 3-5 weeks. paypal add 4% to cover fees. see pics. q's [email protected]


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