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looking for rc51

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i am looking for a honda rc51 any year with in driving distance. i dont need a clean title im looking for a project track bike. if anyone as one for sale or knows someone who would have somthing close to what im looking for let me know thanks... Nic
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Im looking to get rid of my 04' Nickey Hayden edition, Im not sure what you consider driving distance? This bike is in perfect condition, probably not what your looking for?
yea im looking for a bike that has a salvage title or no title . im just trying to find a good base to start my track bike . i already have a cbr 600 rr for a street bike
Cool, if i here somthin, ill send them yor way....
There was a parts chassis on eBay a while ago. Salvage title but looked like okay shape. Somewhere in Southwest US...120315575863.
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