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i have a 2003 fz1 that just turned 10k i am the second owner with all of his original documentation and bill of sale as well as all of his maintenance records, i also have a record of all my maintenance and upgrades as well as all the stock parts. i am a certified yamaha tech and have taken outstanding care of this bike, i bought it through my shop at a good deal but was still wanting a rc51 when i got it, it is very fast and very comfortable, i will post a couple of pics but if you want bigger ones then i need to get a email addy to send as it wont let me post them very big here. it has gytr carbon fiber inner fairings and triple covers, gytr risers and 2nd gen fz1 bars with oury road grips, hid yellow headlights, zero gravity smoked wind screen, intergrated rear tail, full titanium/carbon exhaust, ivans pods and jet kit, holeshot timing advancer, thinner r1 race head gasket to bump comp. .5 point. aic removal kit, coolant bypass removal kit for the carbs, port matched intake boots, regeared -1 frt +3 rear,it also has an adj lowering link for stock -2 or -4 drop. nothing but yamalube syn since 4k miles. the conti road attacks have about 4k miles on them and are not showing any significant wear but would say they got about 4k left give or take a 1000 miles. i have did all of this work in the past 4 mo and the bike was all stock before minus a slip on and k&n filter. looking for something close in trade i could throw in a little cash to make it happen if needed. this bike dynoed at 146 at the rear wheels before the full exhaust!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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