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Anyone know where I can get my hands on a right side Moriwaki Zero exhaust?

I have an RC I am working on and the right can was destroyed in a wreck ( more so after the wreck but that's another story)

Anyways, it is a Moriwaki ZERO titanium banzai mount slip on. Left side is fine, Right side I have the midpipe and that's it. Just looking for something so I can ride quietly until I get my new exhaust. If anyone knows where I can get a can that will work for the right side, be it Jardine, Sato, Moriwaki I dont really care but I need one. Damage isn't a big deal as long as it isn't smashed flat.

Obviously if I could find a matching one it'd be better but again, I just wanna ride with a full exhaust. The left side is the solid titanium, NOT rainbow... if anyone wants to know.

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