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motocycle superstore never deal with them

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i purchase a pair of Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves with them for $119.99 than two weeks later their price dropto $99.99. contacted customer service and they said they only adjust my purchase price if it was within 5 days,and that their prices can change at anytime.
i made the purchase with them thinking that i deal with them before try to be a loyal customer,even the fact that NEWENOUGH had the same gloves for $109 at the time i made the purchase. basically their customer service don't care once they get your money and they refuse to credited just $10 to match their so call price garenteen.even i wanted the credited to make another order with them. all they keep telling me is their current specials so the bottem line with this company is:
they don't care about good customer service,once they get your money screw you!!and they can change their prices at anytime without notice and they will not refund yor money back for the diffrence.
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I've ordered a few things from them and never had any issues.

Let me tell you what I do. After I buy something I don't go back and look at what the price is later on. That way I don't have to worry about $10
They have treated me well too, I buy all my tires from them, they have some of the lowest prices on the net I've found for tires. And best of all, they are delivered to me in VA in 3 days from their warehouse in CA. No complaints yet with me.

From personal experience, and for what it's worth to you guys, NEWENOUGH
is by far one of the best places to buy your gear. Their customer service is
first rate, they actually CARE about their customers, their no-hassle return
policy is excellent, they have as good or better prices than any of the other
big volume retailers, and their shipping is pronto. Good, honest, stand-up folks.
Never delt with the Motorcycle Superstore though, so I've no opinion there.
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