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Has anyone tried this stereo out? Its made by Shark (I've never heard of them) and

they say it originally sells for $329 but on sale now for $61.99. I usually just use

my MP3 player and earbuds but wanted to try a set up with speakers without ALOT of $$$

output. Just to see if I like it and can actually hear it. I'm kinda deaf... so my

wife tells me.... from shooting all my life. So, if anyone has any opinions/input I

would greatly appreciate it.

YES, I know looks and sounds too good to be true but......

Here are the specs on it:

motorcycle yacht marine audio . 2 speakers+amp+remote

This listing is for a brand new & factory sealed shark Motorcycle, golf cart, and

yacht audio systems. The model number is shkcyclekit. These are super loud. This is

the one everyones been talking about. In stock (for now) and ready to ship. Dont be

caught on a waiting list. These go out of stock crazy fast.

These speakers are 100% waterproof. You can dump it in a pot of water and it will

still work. Try that with your current speakers.

We do not believe this unit is being sold anywhere online for less then 300$ (if you

can even find them). They are a THAT good. We take it back with a smile if your not

happy for any reason.
The system includes 2 waterproof loudspeakers (3 inches) + 1 amplifier (100 watts)+ 1

remote control for power switch. You can connect a ipod to this. All brackets are

included for the install

There is a one year exchange warranty. We now have them in Chrome only

Suitable for 12 Volts motorcycles, scooters and yachts

Specifications of the amplifier:
Working Voltage 10-16V DC
MAX power @ 4 50WX2
RMS power @4 25WX2
THD 50dB
Channel separation >50dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 150mv
N.W. 1.5kg
G.W. 1.7kg
Fuse rating 5A
Specifications of the loudspeakers:
Each speaker is 3 inches
Working Voltage 10-16V DC
VoiceCoil Impedance: 4
Resonc Frequency: 165HZ
Effective Frequency Range: Fo-12kHZ
Puiput Sound Pressure Level: 88dB
Rated Input Power: 15W
Max Input Power: 30W
Distortion: <= 5%
These Water Proof LOUD Speakers now include a 100 Watt low Voltage High Power Pro.

Amplifier, and a tiny remote\ Kill Switch / Volume controller with extra aux input

Jacks!! This is one of the best amplifiers out there. Amp is guaranteed to BLAST the

speakers to the max! This tiny amplifier measures only 2.75" x 3.5" x 1.75 (WxLxH) The

weather proof * remote measures only 1.5" x 1.75" x 1.25 Our Water proof LOUD speakers

measure are 4 1/2" X 4" x 3.5 The front side of the amp provides the INPUT and has

both a 1/8" standard earphone jack and standard RCA Jacks. Now you can hook up an

additional audio device! The filter, volume control and green power indicator light

are all up front. The backside of the amp provides the output with standard RCA Jacks.

The power switch and 12 Volt power input are located on the backside as well. P ower

wire and audio wires are included!!

The tiny amplifier can be mounted in many different places. Mount to a windshield

bracket, under a seat or in a tool bag, a water proof glove box or tool stowage area.
The amplifier includes built in mounting brackets.
will compliment any motorcycle, cycle or bike!
Shark speakers are Marine Grade, Weatherproof and Waterproog
New Marine technology, low power, BIG clean, clear SOUND!

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