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Muffler sleeve

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I am looking for a replacement muffler sleeve for a set of Sato cans with crash damage. I can rebuild the muffler as long as the core isn’t damaged. Does anyone have a source for a new sleeve? It doesn’t have to be Sato specific, just as long as it is similar in shape and length. It can be stainless as I am racing and there is a good chance I crunch them again. Thanks
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A sheet metal shop could make you a sleeve.
what length are you looking for ..?
I am not sure how long. I know where a crashed set is, and a muffler is crunched hard, but I dont have it in hand. What ever the standard length Sato muffler is. If it is longer, I can always cut it.
The mufflers are oval. I have access to a sheet metal shop, but thought an over the counter unit would be easier. Wouldn’t be too hard to pull the rivets, repack, and reassemble like new to save some money over buying a new muffler.
PJengineering told me they dont carry the Sato size. No deal. Great site. Immediate response. Cool business for guys that can use their hands. Lots of parts to build and maintain exhaust systems.. Just not the one I want to restore.

Any more leads for me?
I have a two brothers track exhaust you can have for the price of shipping...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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