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Wow RV, That looks fantastic! I remember when you said you bought it, bout a month ago. Didn't that only have like 1700 miles on it? That's an awesome example of a pristene RC51 :)

Here's a cut and paste of a post I put up about a month ago, hope it helps with loading pictures.

I think I might know the problem you're having with loading pictures. When you're trying to include it in your post that is. That's where I had a little trouble.
If you're typing a post in the text box and you wanna load a picture or two; scroll down, out of the text box your typing in, to the 'Additional Options'. Click on 'Manage Attachments'. A little box will pop up, that's your Manage Attachments Window. (If it doesn't pop up, look down at your taskbar to see if it opened and is hiding behind your current window.) Right at the top it says 'Upload File from your Computer'. Click on the 'Browse' button. That opens up another window, (on my computer it's) called 'Choose a File to Upload'. In that window, you can find your picture. Just one. Then double-click on the desired picture. The 'Choose a File' window closes and your back to the 'Manage Attachments' window. Then click on 'Upload'. It may take a second or two, but in that same window, look about halfway down and you'll see 'Current Attachments'. Your picture should be listed there. When you've got all the pix you want to be in your post, click on 'close this window', top right of the 'Manage Attachments' window. Don't worry (like I did) that you just erased your pictures. Remember the 'Manage Attachments' button right below your text box? Your pictures will be listed there. That's pretty much it.
I like to click on 'Preview Post' to make sure it worked right. Then 'Submit Reply'...

Hope that helps.
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