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my VTR SP1 of the Lausitzring Germany 04.04.2009

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First track day of the year?

I liked the second video better. Mainly as it was longer.
Did you have a few unkind thoughts when that rider on the white bike in front checked up through the chicane? :)

Do they group riders by experience or was this for anyone?
I ask as there seemed to be several much slower riders you had to avoid.

That is a very nice facility. I love the sky bridges over the front straight.

I'll be in southern Germany next month for business.
Are there any events from 23-24 May?
If so, I might take the train up and watch.
I wouldn't mind catching the train
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This was not a racing training.
It everybody could drive this one wanted.
Many are therefore slow drivers.
23-24 May?
I must look there.

Dies war kein Renntraining.
Es konnte jeder fahren der wollte.
Daher sind viel langsame Fahrer dabei.
23-24 Mai?
Da muß ich mal nachsehen.
look here
German Racetrack
1.Termine Enter
2.Renntrainings Enter
3.Monat --->05
4.Anzeige eingrenzen Enter

1st appointments .
2nd racing training .
3rd month - localize > 05 .
4. advertisement.

22.05.2009 22.05.2009 Heidbergring Zweirad Akademie GmbH
22.05.2009 24.05.2009 Most Bike Promotion
22.05.2009 24.05.2009 Hungaro-Ring GH MOTO
22.05.2009 24.05.2009 Magny-Cours GP-Track Valentinos Renntrainings
22.05.2009 24.05.2009 Oschersleben ArtMotor
22.05.2009 23.05.2009 Spa Francorchamps Biker's Days
22.05.2009 24.05.2009 Eurospeedway Lausitzring Futz Racing
22.05.2009 25.05.2009 Most Selo-Racing
22.05.2009 22.05.2009 Anneau du Rhin motorspeed
23.05.2009 23.05.2009 Spreewaldring Zweirad Akademie GmbH
23.05.2009 23.05.2009 Peenemünde PMV-Motorsport
24.05.2009 24.05.2009 Spreewaldring Zweirad Akademie GmbH
24.05.2009 24.05.2009 Spa Francorchamps Biker's Days
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These are the European appointments.
I have a racing training only in July.

Das sind die Europäischen Termine.
Ich habe erst im Juli ein Renntraining.
looking good, nice vids
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