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well i took off the cover today to check the front sprocket to find out how many teeth it has. (15 tooth sprocket). after i did this now my clutch does not work after i reassembled everything. the clutch basically feels like there is nothing there, and it is in neutral and wont come out of neutral. what the hell did i do wrong. the piston on the clutch seems to be moving in and out but it won't push the rod that is behind it. what can i do. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

just noticed if i roll the bike in neutral and shift the shifter with out the clutch it goes in gear and i can go back to neutral. but the clutch seems like there still is nothing there. and doesn't engage.

really bummed out about this.

please help

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Not much to the mechanism. It's very simple.
Just a piston pressing on a push rod.

The only things that come to mind are:
1. All bolts tight that could cause flex in the cover?
2. Any air in the line that could cause this?
3. Any leakage around the master or slave cylinder pistons?
4. You only removed the cover bolts and not the slave cylinder bolts?
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