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It's item 14, the lower cowl, PN 64560-MCF-D30ZA.
When you secure the left and right cowls, you then attach the lower cowl.
The lower cowl does not come with the oil cooler grill.
So you'll need to order that as well, (item 1).
Also you'll need 6 of the clips to secure the cowl (items 20) and the two screws (items 16).
Check your left and right cowls near the bottom front to ensure you have the nuts (items 15) that the two screws attache to.

Try this site, it give quantity of parts required and price.
The items are screened, so any parts not required for that model, they do not list them. Handy when separating SP1 from SP2 parts.

You can also print out the pages to have as a reference.
That was a huge benefit when I was researching parts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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