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Need Help!

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I have no brake lights, but my tail lights work. I checked the fuse and their good. Could it be a relay?
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Change the bulb! The bulb has two filaments, one for tail lights, one stop light. The stop light filament is likely done!

Did It

Tried it at the inspection place. I,ve looked all day and am stumped!! i,ve chased wires and tested power to things and now the battery is dead!!! i,m taking it to a mechanic monday. Thanks anyway.
Are they not working for front and rear brakes, or just one? I would check the pressure switches.
Brake Lights

Thanks to everyone for all the help. I took it to the mechanic and he found the problem. The brake lights were stuck on. He removed the front pressure switch and it tested fine. It looked new. No wear at all. The lever its self was not clicking it off. It didn't seem to be worn at all. When he reassembled it he noticed alot of play up and down in the lever. He then shimmed it and it seemes to work just fine. Says he's never seen anything like this before.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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