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New (again) RC Rider

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Hey folks,

Just trucked home my new-to-me 04 RC51! My stable is already full (08 Concours, 07 XR650, 76 RD400), but couldn't pass up the chance to have another RC! I got her for $5,500 with 5k miles.

I had an 03, but it didn't work out as a commuter bike in San Francisco. Now that I live in the wide open I thought I'd get another. This one is the Nicky Hayden edition complete with signature, though that really means nothing to me. I'll probably end up scratching off the signature with a tank bag anyway!

Just wanted to drop in and say hi!
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Howdy neighbor, I live in Deerfield, Va, and teach HS in Waynesboro. One of my students "spotted me" on 340 in Waynesboro over the weekend, now I know who they saw! I've got an '03 with 2K miles, you got a HELL OF A DEAL on that '04! I ride in to work on occasion, my bike right now is down, I've got to mount tires on it. Do you know of anyone in the area that mounts tires reasonably? Wayne cycle won't mount tires unless you buy them there, and their prices for tires are high, as are all dealers. I just want good quality work, and reasonable labor. I remove the wheels myself, I just need a change and balance. I'm actually considering purchasing my own changer this winter, I have 6 bikes. Give me a PM. we'll meet sometime for a ride.
BTW, I have an '85 XL600R Honda, the Forest Road KING!!!! ha, HA!

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