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New Chick

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Hey Guys and Gals

My name is Jessica and I am new to the RC world just bought a 2002 rc51 off a friend in need of cash. I have been riding 8 years. I started on a ninja 250 then got a gixxer 600, 750, 1000, Harley Davidson Fat boy another gixxer 1000 and now the rc. I Ran a custom shop for a few years. I got tboned back in 2006 and aint been right since but thats ok i got all my limbs and Im still riding. Other then that I know nothing about RC other then the sound cool they wheelie like crazy and there bulky compared to my gixxer.
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Now post up some pics of your bike/s.
Boy Jessica, you've run the gamut of motorcycles! The RC 51 is a different bike, it doesn't feel as quick handling as my CBR, yet displays a "grace under pressure" that I haven't experienced in any of my previous bikes. Yes, it's heavier, and has less HP than my CBR 929, but I love riding it, it's a keeper, the CBR goes on the block. Best of luck with your bike, you will find some very knowledgeable people lurking about here, WELCOME!

John hit the nail on the head. The RC is far more stable in the corners than any in-line four I've ridden. It's like riding a "slot car" bike. Just take your line and it plants itself. The in-lines tend to be a bit less predictable IMO. Can't really feel when it's going to break loose. The RC's VERY stable and very predictable in the corners. Stability equals confidence, confidence equals SPEED...
i know its a world of difference i have done track days on the gixxer and i will see about doing some on the rc. I am to the point now i just want to ride. i went 2 years without riding do to the wreck so it feels great to jump back on a horse. i'll test my warters when i get used to her but for now i'll keep it simple.
Glad you're back on the "horse." By all means, do what you want, at YOUR own pace. If it ever becomes laborious, time for a new hobby.
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