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Bought my minty, low mile SP1 from a friend of a friend. Bike seemed to be in great shape. I thought it ran fine. Dyno numbers looked good. Has the usual flapper and pair mods. Ti exhaust, +2 rear, -1 front.

Fuel pressure regulator died a few weeks ago. Ruined the plugs in the process. Replaced the plugs and regulator. Went for a ride.

Even better. But dyno feels stronger. Lifting front wheel where it didn't before. A real joy to ride.

So, my recommendation for new owners: replace the fuel pressure regulator as soon as you get the bike. It's a 50 dollar part. Should be part of the new to you bike maintence - Oil, filter, coolant, brake fluid, pads, and probably tires. Throw in plugs and a regulator for not much more.
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