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New from Cincinnati.

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How's it going every one? It's 25 degrees here right now, so I figured if I can't ride my 51, I might as well talk about it.
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05 Black with grey graphics. I put the low mount sato exhaust and pc3, dan kyle tuned, and some cosmetic stuff on it. Can a motorcycle be your best friend?
Sunny florida must be nice. I'm lucky if I get one ride in during winter, and if I do the roads are so dirty it can be scary. I had some friends drive down for a track weekend at talledega a few weeks ago.
I didn't even think about the blue hairs. That must be a nightmare. Do you ever get to the track? We are getting a new track in Kentucky. Its about 30 minutes from my house. Kentucky has thousands of tight twisty roads. I feel pretty fortunate to live so close to such great roads, but the people who live on those roads aren't real happy about the massive amounts of motorcycles that rule their roads every sunday.There are quite a few rc51's around here. There is a club called the assfault junkies that I ride with on occasion. they ride in a pack of about 30, and there are 6 of us with 51's.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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