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Been poking around a bit and already gotten some help.
I've Been riding bikes since I was five and in love with sport twins since my buddy bought a 900ss Ducati back in the day.
I had a TLR that bought wrecked and rebuilt. Rode it for ten years before moving over to an Aprilia. Had to sell the Aprilia last year to pay for some work on the house that like always, turned out to be a lot more money than planned.
Anywhoo, I missed out on wrecked 04 Nicky Haden edition recently. After some poking around found an 02 that needs a little love, but it is all there.
I've had GSXR's, SV's, FZR's. Never owned a Honda street bike until now.
I'm looking forward to a good run Once the weather gets better here.
Great site, thanks for the help so far.
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