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New Guy Here!

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Hey guys this is Jeff W. from Lima, Ohio. I currently ride a 2006 600RR Orange Tribal edition. I joined the forum so I can start doing the research on these torque monsters you crazy people refer to as the RC51. I am looking at possibly adding one to my collection! I apologize in advance for all the questions you will be getting from me!
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Hi, I've also got an 06 600rr. Like you my plan was to add the VTR to the collection. But I quickly realised that with both bikes in the garage, the 600 was unlikely to be ridden again. The big twin is just too awesome. And since I bought the RR to ride not to look at, it's now for sale.
From one newbe to another, welcome.
He'll bring lots of good info over from 600rr.net.

Welcome HS!!!
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