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New here!

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Hey all-
My name is Alex and I live in Lawrence, Kansas and attend the University of Kansas. I am originally from Springfield, MO. I have just recently gotten a motorcycle-- a 2001 Suzuki GSF600s-- but have been a long time motorsports fanatic. I have also been a long-time RC51 admirer, and am 96% certain I will be purchasing an RC51 as my second bike sometime this winter, if the right one comes along.

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Post up some pics of the new wheels!

Welcome to the club, you'll find lots of good info here
As requested:

It's not the fastest, best handling bike in the world but it's in great condition, runs extremely well and I feel I bought it well-- needless to say, it's been an absolutely superb first bike!
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very nice looking bike! (even tho its a suki)

ride safe!
I'll be on a honda as soon as I possibly can, trust me! I have a grave affliction towards RC51, and even CBRs... I WILL own one soon!
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