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New here......

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New to this forum. Been on R1forums, and other local ones for a while now.

I've got a 2003 RC, just got it about a month ago, best most awesomest bike ever!

anyways, hopefully this site takes off, because the only other one that I've found that is kinda RC-51 specific is just a bunch of guys that have had these bikes forever and bitch if you don't know everything already.

Anyways, glad to find a newer site.
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People like that Suck don't they!
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People like that Suck don't they!
Yep, gets kinda annoying
Here are some pictures for everyone, as that is always a must:

All the modifications were done by the previous owner. It's got LeoVince slip-on, a mototech undertail, tinted double bubble windscreen, and for now: some cheapy eBay turn signals. Other than that and the Pilot Powers, it's pretty much the same as the day it came off the showroom floor.
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