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so i joined the darkside buying this instead of a ZX10R and im really happy with it :D

it is 100% stock except for the heli bar clips. full right locked hits the fairing though.

This is my 4th bike...all my other bikes are kawasaki 600/636. This thing is so effortless compared to my ZX6R because 2nd gear works for almost any speed, i always feel like im in the right gear (uphill or downhill) and i have effective engine braking now.

this big heavy bike handles itself very well. i will get the suspension dialed in to my weight soon.

my only gripe with this bike is the heat. it runs so damn hot - when i got the temp to 241F in heavy traffic (i never seen temps higher than 220F on my other bikes); i started getting scared. It took forever to cool back down to 220 even going fast. my kawis wouldve settled down to 180F as soon the air starts flowing. The biggest issue is the bike vents superheated air right around my left ankle and it heats me up even through my Sidi boots and thick riding pants which im surprised hasnt melted yet. The rear header/exhaust port and the exhaust piping is right there and i think it is the source of the heat. Do other people have this issue? I am seriously considering wrapping the exhaust (like the harley people) on that section because it is close to unbearable.

Another thing, is there a better manual than the Honda service manual (ie. helms) available in PDF? I am not satisfied with the lack of detail (particularly in the suspension chapters), i think the owners manual might actually be more useful. My kawasaki service manual is miles better than this honda book.


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I had Heli-bars on mine and yes, they are a tight fit in the available steering range from full lock in either direction.
You might try lowering them just a tad to prevent pinching your thumb against the tank.
I eventually removed mine and replaced with adjustable clip-ons.

I have never gotten my temps to 240.
In stop and go traffic, they will get to 221, but the fans kick in at 218 and will cool it down to 205.
Then when traffic starts moving, it will hang around 205 to 207. And when I'm able to move at a nice clip, it will cool down to around 197.
Out on the interstate or back roads, it cools right down to around 189, and in the spring or fall, it went down to 177, my lowest temp.

And frankly, I don't really feel the heat from radiators at all.
The frame gets hot since it wraps around the rear cylinder, but otherwise no complaints.

Make sure all your hose clamps are tight. Especially the upper left clamp.
Also flush your coolant every two years. It grows more acidic with time and attacks soft metal, like your engine and aluminum radiators.

For convenience, use pre-mixed coolant using deionized water (myself, I use Engine Ice pre-mix). Don't use tap water. In a pinch you can use distilled water. Deionized water is pure and the best.

The SP1's had only one large fan, the SP2's use two smaller fans.
Whichever, make sure your fans are ok.
Mine had bearings that were starting to squeak, so I replace both of them.
Along with repairing the left radiator from the puncture the previous owner forgot to tell me about. Note: JB Weld does not last long on a radiator.
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