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New member- Boston MA/Metrowest

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Hi there, my name is Adam. I’m a new RC51 SP2 owner. I have about a 22 year history of riding various street bikes. Noteably in 2002 I pucheased a brand new R1, and my best friend purchased a 2002 RC51 brand new. Needless to say we rode a ton and I had the pleasure of putting several hundred miles on his RC. Fast forward to now and the nostalgia and fun factor got me. My buddy and I found one on a closed Facebook group this week in VT so we made the trip and took her home on the spot. She isn’t perfect but she’s in really good shape. I intend to ride her occasionally, and chip away on any of the defects to bring her as close to show condition as possible. 15,700 miles, 3 owner pig.

Thanks for having me in the community!
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