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Hi guys. New to the RC51 world, but not to big twins. I just got off an 1198 (due to reasons outside of my control).
Looked for a while, and came a cross a pretty clean 03. Bike has some good TD goodies on it, and the previous owner is a legit good dude. I felt comfortable with him through the process.

Bike needs a bit of work, a few things need to be fixed that I wasnt expecting. IE, fork seals and an intermittent no fuel pump issue. PO thinks its the relay, I suspect the battery. Bike has a litium battery, DHC battery relocator, DHC airbox, DHC undertail, braided lines, clip-ons, rearsets, Leo Vince shorten low mount slip-ons, Brembo 19x18 master, and some other goodies. Racetech rebuild on the forks

Immediate plans are for fork seals, a new gas tank (Purchased an SP1. I know the scallop decals may be in slightly the wrong place), powdercoating the wheels black, and de-stickering it. Im going to put the fuel pump relay in as well.

Bike is going to be my street bike, with the occasional TD on it. I have an older ZX7r that is my racebike.

cant post any yet (dont have 10 posts here)
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