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Hi. I just picked up a new to me 2003 SP2 .... I have been reading a lot on the forum and thought I would introduce myself. My bike has seen lots of thrashing and abuse but it seems to be solid and has "good bones".

I am a sticler for original parts and looks. Which means I have a long road ahead. Here is a quick list of the obvious stuff I am in search of.
1. Bodywork. Every piece
2. Original mirrors
3. Exhaust
4. Tank. Mine is trashed but repairable.
5. Headlights
6. Wiring harnesses. F & R

That is a heavy list but I am stubborn and will seek out all I can find. Love these bikes and maybe I should have found a better example but she is mine and I love her already.

Please chime in if you have suggestions or websites to help me. I will appreciate all the advice I can get.


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