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2000 SP1 and a bunch of others
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Hi all, happy to report I'm officially an RC51 owner!

Was looking for a mint 2000 or 2004 NH, but stumbled across a bargain 2000 SP1 that was mostly OK, but spent most of it's life in New England, so I know there's salt and rust to deal with (previous owner wasn't the best at winterizing). Look like I've got a project on my hands, so will definitely be here more frequently.

I've already got a Suzuki TL, a Ducati 916, and an Aprilia MilleR so this rounds out the quartet nicely. Once I've got the RC51 looking good, I'll definitely share some pics.

Thanks in advance for answering all the nuanced questions I'll certainly be asking. Even though I've read a bunch about the reasons to swap out a few SP1 parts with SP2 mods, I'm going to try and keep it mostly original.
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