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:eek:Hi guys! Got a story for ya if you are bored!

I am 27, been riding bikes for years... started on a minibike I built myself when i was 11 :) had a 5hp tecumseh and started on the first pull lmao...

Anyway, fast forward... I have been promising myself another street bike for the last two years and never pulled the trigger...

Well the bug bit me hard again and I cannot sleep!!!! I have touched every sport bike, sport touring, fireblade, blackbird, busa, rc, zzr, blasy blah forum in the world... been going research crazy.....for around two months now.

I was looking at busas, and blackbirds both smooth machines, because I wanted to go long trips etc..

But the stupid Rc51 haunts my dreams.. It sneaks in and pulls back the covers and gives me chills... the busa tries to tuck me back in to thinking logically but then the RC starts up and I get morning wood... lol ok thats kinda weird but you get the idea:eek:

Logically there is a local busa for 4800 with 8K on it..an 02.. I would have to do some mods to get it to look the way I want but no biggie..

Now, how bout this to throw a cam in the gears (lol no pun, gear driven cams get it? ahh nevermind..)...


My buddy was one of the first to order an SP1. It is number 311. It has 8000 miles on it. He and a friend both bought them new and then when his friend went through a divorce, the ex took his!!!:confused:

So he sold the friend this 8,000 mile rc. He rode it home and sat it next to his other four bikes (harley guy) and has since put 500 miles on it... he isnt in a hurry to sell it but said he would take 5000......

Logically I need a busa or blackbird for the occasional long trip etc...... but nothing gets me excited like an RC... I used to have a little GS500E and loved the V&H exhaust on it.. twins are more fun huh??

Anyone think I will regret it?? I am not uncomfortable on sportbikes, though it seems tall people fit the RC better.. I am 5'6 or 7...

I am going to ride an RC tomorrow, as I havent yet. And the one Im looking at is in NY, me in PA.

What to do!!!! God I have trouble ordering food at Dennys, this is making me crazy!

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Well I have an '05 'Busa and an '02 RC51.

I must say the 'Busa is an incredible machine.
The engine is amazingly powerful yet tractable.

If you want to cruise down the highway "sportingly", then the 'Busa is your bike.
It will effortlessly cruise at 120 MPH or more (or less).
At 90 MPH it gets about 41 MPG with a range of around 155 miles per tank.
It has tons of torque, so carrying a passenger is no big deal over almost any terrain.

If you want to play on curvy back roads, then the RC51 is your play toy.
It's mileage sucks compared to the 'Busa, but most performance twins do. I've never gotten over 140 miles on a tank.
But it's lighter and definitely turns quicker in the tight corners.

I find I hardly ever ride my 'Busa as my RC51 is just too much fun.
I'll probably trade or sell the 'Busa and get another twin for highway cruising.
Probably an Aprilia Tuono or similar.
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