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Hi All,

Just bought a 2003 RC51, and have been riding and enjoying every minute of it! I have always wanted one, but the timing was always wrong. My buddy had a nice one, and he got hit by a car. He rebuilt it, and set it up Tuono style with upright bars. After the surgery his knee still bothered him, despite the upright stance, so he offered it to me. It now has a salvage title. Buuuuuuutttttt, the price was right, and it came with so many goodies, I could not pass it up. Anyway, I like my stuff modified, so I will get exactly what I want in the end.

Bad news first, right?

The Bad:
Slavage title
Made into an upright "Tuono" style bike, so it is far from intended RC51 purpose
Mix of Honda, and Chinese fairings
Tires were worn
Have to unbolt my tire machine to make room for another bike

The Good:
Low mileage SP2
Well maintained - except for the crash which was 100% car driver's fault
2006 clean tank and paint scheme
Scotts steering damper
RC51 fork with Ohlins front fork internals
Brembo Monoblock calipers
Machined adapter brackets
Brembo master cylinder
Power commander 5 dynotuned
Speedo healer
Sato rearsets
Ohlins rear shock
New chain and sprockets -1F +2R
Brand new Akrapovich Titanium header and exhaust system (tip to tail)
AGV? levers
New Shorai battery

Other Parts included:
Sato clip ons
Another set of Sato or similar rearsets
Complete Sato Titanium Exhaust System
Complete Yoshimura Carbon exhaust system (a few scratches from the accident)
Stock exhaust header
Spare tail section
Spare Fox rear shock
Spare stock rear shock
Spare front wheel and rotors
2 fairing cages, 1 slightly bent, 1 new
2 windscreens, 1 cut for upright bars, 1 new
Spare power commander 3
more, but there was too much to remember...............

I already wet-sanded the rims, and powder coated them. Ordered new bearings for said wheels, new rotors, and new tires. I was going to put the Sato clip-ons back on the bike, and replace the messed up fairings, then add a few more trick pieces of my own, but riding it the way it is makes me laugh out loud!

Hi Dutchy!

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Welcome, I'm another cali rider also.... btw, I found it funny when new members welcomes another but hey let's do it for post counts I guess lol. Anyway my bike is also salvage titled but when I inspect it im confident that it'll run longer than I'd expect, if anything, other factors might come knocking on the door first, like run offer by a car in the parking lot or stolen before the engine died on me. Anyway seems like this is the lengthiest welcome post I've ever post.

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Welcome. Yeah, get those clip-ons below the top clamp! j/k
Sounds like you got the bike and a couple basketfuls of good parts.
That sp2 header is popular for the sp1 guys to adapt. Opens up a lot of options for mids and canisters. If you're thinking of selling it.
Congrats on your bike!

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Welcome. The NorCal crew is growing. Bike looks pretty good for a salvage title bike and has most of the high dollar upgrades. Sure you'll have that one looking like it was never down soon. Should get all these norcal folks together whenever this rain breaks.
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