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Title says it all. I picked it up over the summer. It only had 2200 miles on it. I got it for a really good price by jumping on it when it came up for sale. I am the third owner. The first owner put 1400 on it. The second owner put 800 on it and the rest is now mine. The right side has scratches on the lower fairing and the seat cowl but nothing on the exhaust somehow, and the radiator has a few nicks in it. The gas tank has a really small dent in it but it is not scratched at all. Worst part is both wheels are bent. The front one has a slight flat spot in the lip on the RHS. The rear has a more pronounced bend in the LHS. The only mods are a custom seat that almost perfectly matches the paint scheme, a 520 chain/sprocket conversion, and a super crappy Competition Werks (I think) undertail kit. All mods and damage were present when I bought the bike. I have done nothing other than ride it and perform some maintenance. Right now the bike is really filthy and needs to be cleaned.

I love how it rides. The gearing is perfect. I never rode it with stock gearing. Everything else is awesome, braking, handling, everything.

I bought it with the intention of riding the twisties on the weekends and the occasional commute. But the people who I typically ride with do not like to ride aggressively and barely find time to ride at all. So I usually find myself riding slowly and it is really uncomfortable.

All that aside, I have come to the conclusion that I want to slowly, piece by piece, turn it into a dedicated track day bike. I will still ride it on the street up until it gets race fairings.

First things first. I think I need new wheels. I am leaning towards Carrozzeria's VSTAR aluminum wheels. They are the least expensive aftermarket light weight wheels I can find. Anyone got better ideas? Also I have never done wheel swaps, stock or aftermarket. I am not sure what all I need to fully do it. Do I need new sprockets and chain? Any help is appreciated. With the new wheels, I will obviously get new tires as well.

After that, I will focus on exhaust. I browsed mrgrn's stuff and really liked it. @ Mrgrn: Do you have any dyno charts of the RC51 range? Just curious. I will definitely be getting some some of your stuff at some point.

Later, some Spiegler brake lines, and rotors and pads. Followed by whatever else my budget allows and I think is right.

I got a plan and I am gonna do my best to follow through. What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Comments? Questions? Answers?


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Most aftermarket wheels do not use OEM sprockets.
Depending on which brand, you may need to use Suzuki, Kawasaki, or other sprockets.
I have Marchesini and have to order rear sprockets from manufactures like Vortex, Driven, etc that make sprockets with 5 bolt pattern and specified I.D. spacing.
You'll need to find out the required type sprocket when you choose the manufacturer.
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