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New Pics

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heres a few new pics after a good clean and wax. decided to de-badge my pipes I like the clean look better. Ill get some higher quality pics later with my camera instead of my phone.
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Red X's.

It looks like you are trying to link to another forum that we don't have access to.
hmmm....ill try to upload them differently from photobucket then
There we go much better.
That is a sweet ass ride man.
NIce shinny steel horse man..
Your ride is clean man! Mine is Black but I still think the original color is the best looking!
Thanks guys, I apreciate the comments. Yeah it's suprisingly clean and well kept for the amount it gets driven 29xxx km and counting. I don't get as mch use as I'd like (weather in nova scotia isn't the best) il get some higher quality pics instead of these from my phone soon I hope.
Lookin good brotha !!! Never been a fan of the gold wheels put definately a nice ride
One of the best looking RCs I've seen,
and I actually do like the gold wheels -
a very nice touch, yet still not gaudy.
Thanks, I like the gold wheels too they're not a bright gold they're the same as the breaks so they're not too flashy. It's pretty clean considering it's got 29xxx Km and counting
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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