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New RC owner down South.

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Hi all, got rid of a 03' TL1000r about 7mths ago and wanted another twin so got a good deal on my babied 01' RC with goodies. Been riding nothing but sportbikes for 15yrs and have had 8 different bikes. The twins keep me coming back though! I was Looneytwin on TLPlanet.com
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Welcome to the 51 side! The RC 51 has the nicest, most sorted out chassis/ suspension, I have ever ridden, right out of the box! And I've been riding 36 years! You will love this bike!

I agree, my tiller was a bit more nervous in the turns. My RC feels well planted and builds "kneedragging" confidence more. Even without a steering damper the RC has it hands down. I should of bought an RC before going through 2 TLR's, i'll post pics of what i had to what i got now.
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