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New RC-owner from Denmark

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Just thought I'd say hi and post a photo of my new RC, or VTR1000SP-1 as it is called here in Europe.

Just got back from Helmand in Afghanistan, and spend a week shopping around, before I found the right one. And it's perfect!

See you around.


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Hello and wellcome from the German VTR SP1 Raider
Hello and welcome to the group!
That makes three SP1's in the Euro red color pattern that is very nice.
We have our German and UK riders, and now our Danish rider.

What front rotors are those?
Would they be Alth?
Thank you

Dont know about the rotors, actually thought about replacing them. Mostly for looks, but they also get completely covered in rust (on the wear-area) after washing after like 12 hours... never saw my Galfers or OEM rust that fast.

now we are four from europe, and my bike is also red.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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