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Hey guys
I got my RC back in December, but just recently found this forum. I've had the RC51 on my wish list from the beginning, but it was never really fitting into either my budget or my riding style at any given time. Finally, late last year I saw one online that made me sit up and take notice! I had an '03 636 race bike that I had crashed at the track rather badly and rebuilt into a street bike, and was not sure if I even wanted to go back to the track. Well, I found this RC that was fully race ready and also had all the stock street stuff. I was all set to buy it just as a street bike, but I thought it would be rather dumb to pass up all the tasty extras for a really good price. Ended up with a sub 9k mile 2001 SP1 loaded for track with Marvic Penta II's, full fiberglass fairings, '05 stock black tank to match, fork work, Penske rear, Yoshi Slip Ons, Mapped PCII, Gilles chain adjuster and swingarm stand hooks, Brembo Radial Master and steel lines, plus all the regular mods: Soft Limiter, Pair, Flapper, etc.
A couple rides and track days and I am hooked again. My friends don't go to the track often enough, and it's starting to bug me!
I just bought some new track fiberglass and am having it painted. I put a pair of new black Vortex Clipons on it. Just stuck the HRC quick turn race throttle on it. I got it from the previous owner, but haven't ridden with it yet. I'd like to get some rearsets, too. I think I may be spending too much on the track this summer to be able to afford them, though.
Heres a pic of the race look:

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