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New rc51 Owner stuck in Iraq

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Yeah so i finally bought the bike i have wanted for so long. Its and '03 and all stock. I couldn't be happier except the fact that i am in the marines and havent got to see it or ride it yet. Currently i have a buddy taking care of it till i get home. I couldnt be more excited to finally get what i want.
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Well here's an '03 for you to take imaginary rides until you get back.
Be careful out there brother.

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Damn bro thats almost as bad as lettin your friend "take care" of your girl while your gone. Just kiddin man. Keep up the good work over there and keep that trigger finger loose!!!
I feel your pain

Something must be goin round...:eek:

I'm in OIF and I just bought myself an 03. And I don't get to ride it until July!!!:eek:

At least I have pics.

Semper Fi. You in the West?
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