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New RC51 Owner

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New RC51 Owner ***Pics Added***

Hi. I am a new RC51 owner. It is a 2003. Has upgrades. I love the ride.

I looked on this board when I decided to get an RC and the information was a big help. I got the skinny on the SP1 and SP2 and hop ups.

I'm in the Dallas area. If you want to ride, holla.

I also have some stock parts if anyone needs them. Signals, chain, pipes.

Thanks again.

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Welcome to the site, and post up some pics!
Thanks. I will get some pics. This is my work PC and they are at home. I got this bike from a guy that worked at a Honda dealer for 17 years. He pulled it out of the crate from Honda and put it together and babied it ever since. He had the brochure, manual and all parts in little baggies that were labeled. He even let me ride it before I bought it.

It has sato low mounts, PC III with a great tune, Titanium hangers, steel braided lines for brakes, chain conversion, new tires all free mods. Pics to follow.

It has had a scotts damper on it to run the Texas mile. It did 164 and he said it had anout 500 RPM left. This was after the conversion on the chain. I just ordered a damper to put back on it and some rearsets.
Leadfinger Sweet RC51! My '03 came from a tech who worked at a Honda dealer AS WELL! Here's mine, with some of the other culprits, the CBR was sold to pay for the RC. John

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Thanks! Yours looks great also. It looks like you take care of your bikes. That older Honda, which I do not know what it is, looks like it has a huge inline six! I had found two rc's in my area for sale and they were both owned by Honda techs. It seems like that is the bike the techs like.
Hey Lead where in Dallas are you? I live in Plano and work in Dallas. Me and some buddys usually try to take a ride every sunday morning eat lunch then split off from there. Lets hook up sometime. I've had my RC since July and haven't seen another one.
Im in Little Elm. Send me a PM and we'll ride.
Yeah cool.

I'll hit u up soon. We might try to knock out alittle cruise on Sunday morning if your interested. We usually meet at a shell station on the corner of grapevine mills pkwy and 121 by grapevine mills mall. Its kind of a central spot cause the folks in our group are coming from all different directions. There was about 12 of us last weekend. Me and a buddy of mine on a superhawk were the only twins in the group.
Yo Lead.......We're meetin at Rudy's in Denton around 8am to get some grub and then we're gonna cruise out. If your down u can meet us there or I can meet u someplace off of 35 on the way. However you want to do it just let me know.
Hey gjos. I cannot make it this morning. I looked here yesterday and did not see the page 2 on this thread. I was lookin for a PM also so I did not think you replied. It is too late notice now. I will plan on definately doing this next Sunday if you want to stay in touch. BTW, if you go to Denton or Grapevine to meet, I can meet with you on 380 or bush and we can roll together on our RC's. That would be pretty cool. l8r.
No problem man. It was a good ride until my bike crapped out on me on the way home right at 635 and the Tollway. I gotta play operation when I get home and try to diagnose the problem.
I am sorry to hear that about your bike. What happened? I had an issue this week also that I had to resolve Saturday with my bike. Here is my e-mail address [email protected]
Shoot me your e-mail and I'll give you my number. I could have met up a little later. The hangover factor was not good that early yesterday morning =)
I dont know my bike just died. I'm not getting power to the fuel pump. When i flip the kill switch on I dont get an fi light and I can't hear my fuel pump prime.
Do you have your bike fixed j? LMK if I can help.
No not yet. I was sick as a dog for a few days this week and didn't get around to it. I've been reading on a couple of forums and discovered it could be a number of things. It looks like its somewhere in the rear wire harness so I should only have to pull the tail off and go from there. Its got an alarm on it so I'm gonna ditch that first so I can clean up the wiring in the trunk. If you know anything about the wiring on these bikes that would be a big help. I got a buddy with an 05 1000rr comin by tomorrow so I can install his pcIII for him but he doesn't know alot about bikes so he won't be to much help. I'm gonna get up early and go get a volt meter cause mine crapped out and then hit it hard and try to fix it so maybe I can ride alittle sunday morning. If you get bored tomorrow sometime and wanna hang drink a beer and talk bikes hit me up. When it comes to electrical issues 2 heads are better than one. My email is [email protected] My name is Jerrod by the way.
Hey. Tomorrow sounds cool. I will send you my number. I might be able to help. Power to the pump and FI systems was my first thought also. That switch on the handlebars would come to mind also for the ignition kill. I ordered a full service manual. It is for a 00 to 03. They called to say they have it but I have to go get it. Maybe it will help if needed. TTYL.
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