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Noob Alert!!

I've managed to get my hands on the bike I've been thinking about owning for years now, all be it a cheap Florida import that needs a bit of TLC, but I'm chuffed none the less :)

I have a couple of quick questions that hopefully you guys can help with..

- I also own a 2001 CBR900RR which I've spent a few bob on over the passed couple of years, but she will now be moved due to the new arrival.! I only recently had 520 pitch Renthal sprockets and DID Gold X-Ring chain fitted (two track days ago..) and wondered if the sprockets would be compatible with the SP2..?? It would save me around £159 if they were, hence the interest.! I can't recall the number of teeth from memory, but after the research I've done on here I'll be hoping they're 15/41..

- I'm pretty sure the front calipers are the same, so am I right to assume the pads are inter-changeable.? Again, just had a new set of sintered EBC pads installed on the RR which would work lovely on the twin :cool:

- Similar question to the above, but this time on the front discs.. I have a decent set of Armstrong wavey's fitted to the 'Blade which would look and feel a treat on the SP if they were to fit!

- Would any one know the valve clearance figures..??

Other than that I'll be putting her through a big service with the help of a pal who just so happens to be a motorcycle mechanic, which is a good job 'cos my technical experience is limited at best, so by the start of next week she'll be good to go ;)

Have also ordered a set of fairings from China that arrived at the depot today, so if I can get my hands on them over the weekend I'll post some before and after pics :D


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