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:D One day on my new tires and I'm in love with my bike all over! I get tired of frequent tire changes on my sport bikes so when I replace tires I tend to go with a tire that is sport tour rated. Most ST tires have a "Z" speed rating which is fine for my riding, I can only remember going over 150 mph once so the Z rating serves me fine. I have had past good luck on my CBR using the Avon Tire Co's Azarro ST line, so I Read up and tried it's replacement tire the Storm ST.

Well, after riding with it a good 250 miles I'm amazed, it's incredible! I found it to track and turn in nicer than the stock Dunlop 208's I replaced! by the end of the afternoon I was tilting the bike over to an 1/8" of the tire's edge in tight turns at 65 mph speeds without a hint of slip! And if it's anything like the Azarro, I'll get 6K to 8K of wear, and superior grip in rain. Best of all, I paid $87. for the front, $139 for the rear, plus $18. shipping. I'm very pleased. here's a write up on the tire:http://www.avon-tyres.co.uk/motorcycle/?page=tyres&method=showtyre&id=25

And here's where I bought them: http://www.motorcycleproshop.com/tires/avon/av5556_storm.asp

Good riding,
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