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Salutaions everyone. Newb here.
Been riding since late 90s. Ive been on the r1 forum for a min and r6 forum to browse for parts.

Picked up a 2000 sp1 with under 12k miles. In eggcellent condition too! Ohlins in the rear, full akra and some other goodies.

Flushed coolant. Changed oil. Removed the CA emissions caca n pair system. Capped the vacuum line for intake flapper.

New tires, chain n sprocket and gp shift mod. I got a power commander for it sitting on my bench and oem side stand coming.

It is going to share the commuter duty with my other bike. I ride em to enjoy them.

Hell, I may even track it.

Anyhoot. I am here to learn n read up on this bike.

Peace n Love... nah jk

Pic from when i got it home

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Congrats. Run it on the track, you'll love it.
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