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I picked it up a week ago up in Maine, got a great deal on it (I love Craigslist) anyway I had it in the back of my truck till about half way through mass before I gave in, unloaded it and drove it home. I put about 150miles on it the other day (Yes in the water/slush/dirt/salt) but it was sooooo worth it. Now I am going to have to spend a good day cleaning it lol, it was very dirty anyway (I have all the plastics off to clean it all). It was a single owner, the guy did not mod it except he removed the Baffles from the stock cans. So far I have removed the PAIR and the Flapper, my PCIII USB and Turnone airbox should be in next week sometime and I will change the plugs and do the rev limiter mod then as well as a oil change.

I want to go with a 15/41 sprocket setup but I can not find a dealer I like to go through as I want quality parts and the local places only want to sell a 16/40 520 kit? lol Any recommended online/mail order places?

And now for the pics! It has a scratch on the right side and a mirror broke off, Debating on what mirrors to order, ideas? Sorry for the cell phone pictures:

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ha I got all the plastics off right now to clean everything and install the airbox when it gets here. I kinda want to get a Sargent or Corbin seat though, can't make up my mind
sargent is the way to go. i've had fit issues with corbin before. sargent makes a nice gel seat for the rc with red trim. looks sharp. $600!
Sargent makes a gel seat? They do not list one on the website?
i guess they do. some dude is selling one on ebay. unless he's fibbing. which would be a first for ebay.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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