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New to forum.

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Hi all.
Been lurking for some time and decided to sign up.
Been riding for quite some time.

Got a 2002 RC51-SP2 as my project bike.
Always wanted one and got it earlier this year.

She's on blocks waiting for my suspension to return from Kyle Racing.
Got a long list of goodies planned for her.

Everybody who rides it loves it. Especially me.
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Congrats on the bike. Welcome to the forum. I am new here also. Your RC 51 will be awesome with a gone through suspension. I can only imagine how good the bike feels like that. It is already awesome.
I'm sure the suspension will be great once I get it back on.
Right now it's sitting on the stands disassembled for all the other stuff it needs.

As a used bike, I'm finding examples of previous owner neglect constantly.
So my project time-frame grows ever longer.
But once it finally gets completed, it should be a pretty trick bike.

Probably one of the major projects is replacing many aluminum components with magnesium.
I've already got magnesium clip-ons. Now I'm working on replacing the caliper brackets with magnesium.
Later, it'll be magnesium rear-sets and triple-trees, then maybe wheels.
I've also got my eye on a carbon-kevlar fuel tank as well.
Plus all the usual replacement of fasteners with aluminum or titanium.

A little bit here and there over time. Not enough cash to do it all at once (I wish).
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I plan on eventually getting it from Erospace Technologies.
The standard capacity costs around $1200 but is guaranteed for life against leaks and only weights a little over 5-1/2 lbs.
You can get a C-F tank for $900, but not sure of the long-term life.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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