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Hey guys (and girls...) I just picked up a 2003 RC 51 last week. Iv'e been riding bikes for 20 years (Mostly VFr's and Interceptors) my last ride was a '99 VTR Superhawk (which I might add is for sale..) The Rc is in good shape and is bone stock. I have a Power Commander and Two Bros. Titanium High Mounts on order. Also, I'm getting it re-geared as we speak (dropping one tooth on the front sprocket and adding two on the rear - that Mother's geared high...) In addition, I couldn't stand the tires that were on it, so there's a set of Pilot Power 2 CT's going on her also. I've already pute 300 miles on the bike and am in love with it. Defenitely alot more savagery there than what was on the Hawk. (I did have the Hawk pretty tweaked, but the stock RC has alot more!!!) Anyways, I'm looking for any help on Mods/Perfromance, quirks, etc.. that can be offered. I'll try to throw my two cents in too when I can. Thanks for any help, and look forward to "talking" to some of you soon....
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Welcome to the site!
welcome to Rc51 forum dude...
Thanks for the "welcomes" am looking forward to learning this machine like I did w/ my Hawk. The RC is in the shop right now getting new tires and sprockets (will be done tomorrow for the 80 deg. weekend we're about to get, righteous man..) Two Bros. kind of PO'd me though, the Titanium High Mounts I've got coming are B.O.'d for like two weeks. Oh well, at least I'll have the sprockets. As soon as I get the pipes on, I'll post some pics.
Welcome to the forum.
It sure looks like you have some big plans for the RC.
Pictures to drool over is a must. :D
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